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Secure Human Transcription and Translation |

The platform used by professionals to transcribe and translate high-quality research in over 25 languages.

No credit card required

Trusted by over 2,700 researchers across 4 continents.

With you from the first second
Landmark’s comprehensive platform allows you to upload media files, specify your requirements, and then download high-quality transcripts that are ready to be coded.

Top quality ​

We have highly experienced professional Transcribers, Captioners, and Translators.

Secure ordering​

Our vetted workforce uses our secure platform.​

Powerful technology​

Your data is encrypted to ensure security.

Prompt service​

We are available via phone, email, and chat to answer all your questions. ​

Fair Pay

We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our contractors an honest and equitable fair remuneration.

SSL Data Encryption |

Our system employs strong multi-factor encryption through Amazon’s S3-managed encryption keys.

Each file is encrypted with a unique key, which is also encrypted by a separate master key which rotates regularly.

We specialize in working with qualitative researchers to transform their media files into actionable insights.

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